Top Tips for Cornish Holiday Cottages with Dogs in Mind

Top Tips for Cornish Holiday Cottages with Dogs in Mind

Top Tips for Cornish Holiday Cottages with Dogs in Mind

Cornish self catering accommodation is perfect for dog owners. Hotels don’t cater for dogs and they’re rarely - if ever - welcome on a camp site. Luckily, these days Cornish holiday cottages with dogs are much more commonplace than they used to be.

If this is the first year you’re planning to take your best furry friend – or friends – with you on holiday, there’s a few things you need to bear in mind.

The first thing is to remember that not all Cornish holiday homes accept pets. Most places make it clear whether or not dogs are welcome but if it isn’t 100% obvious, email or ‘phone the cottage owner and ask. Some might take one dog, but more than one mightn’t be acceptable.

Before you go, make a doggie packing list. Your dog might be calm and laid back, happy to be wherever you are. Or they might be a bit nervous out of their comfort zone. Either way it’s nice to have some familiar bits and bobs with you to help them feel at home. Take their favourite blanket and/or their dog bed if they have one – something that smells of home. A few of their best toys. Plus a new toy or two. Just like the kids they’ll probably appreciate having something to entertain themselves with in the evenings. Don’t forget the lead!

Take a container of water in the car with you just in case your dog gets thirsty on the way. And take a couple of comfort breaks on the journey for your dog to stretch its legs so he or she doesn’t get restless and fidgety – highly dangerous when you’re trying to drive.

When you get there, take your dog on a guided tour so they know where everyone and everything belongs. It’ll help them settle in faster. Put their bed somewhere they’ll feel safe and comfy, whether it’s in the hallway or in the living room with the family. And give your dog a new toy and a snack to occupy them while you unpack.

It’s a good idea to find a cottage on a quiet street so there’s no chance of your dog getting over excited and running out into heavy traffic. Many of the best Cornish holiday homes come with a garden, which makes your dog’s life much easier and more fun. They can sit out with you in the evenings while you enjoy a barbecue, they can play outside and it’s easy to clean up and poop-scoop.

Last but not least, check out the nearest emergency vet online before you go and save their details on your mobile just in case.