Cornish Coastal Cottages – Essentials for a Comfortable Holiday

Cornish Coastal Cottages – Essentials for a Comfortable Holiday

Cornish Coastal Cottages – Essentials for a Comfortable Holiday

You’ve been researching the best Cornish coast cottages for months. You’ve found the ideal self- catering dream home from home. Now your holiday is looming and you’re thinking of making a packing list. But what do you need to take and what can you sensibly leave behind?

When you’re travelling by car, there’s limited space. When you’re travelling by train there’s only so much you can carry. Either way, wise packing can be a life saver. Especially when you’re likely to bring all sorts of treasures and souvenirs home from your trip.

The most popular Cornish coastal cottages provide almost everything you need from a practical perspective. Stuff like cooking equipment, cutlery, plates and so on. Kettles and microwaves, gadgets and bed linen. A long way from camping! But it’s best to check exactly what your holiday home includes first, then you know what’s what.

Take two towels each so you can bung one in the wash and still have one ready to use – especially useful when you’re in and out of the sea all day. Take elastoplasts and antiseptic cream to take care of minor cuts and grazes, which are almost inevitable when the kids are scrambling around on the rocks, rock pooling and playing out all day. And don’t forget your basics like tea, coffee, milk and sugar.

Most Cornish cottages holidays these days come complete with washing machines and tumble driers. So you don’t need to go mad and take your entire wardrobe. But take a variety of clothes. A bunch of easy-to-wash t shirts and cotton tops. Some long sleeved and some short, just in case you need to cover up sunburn or it gets a bit chilly. Take a woolly jumper. And a waterproof jacket. Hats are cool, especially when it’s particularly hot or cold. Take sturdy boots or trainers for walking, sandals for the beach and party shoes if you’ll be painting the town red. Wellies are brilliant for rock pooling.

Board games are great fun in the evenings, especially when teamed with a bottle of wine! As is Twister, hilarious for the family and groups of friends. Giant Jenga is excellent fun in the garden for all ages.

Take a roll of sandwich bags, which are useful in all sorts of eventualities from collecting shells to creating packed lunches. Last but not least, take plenty of sun block and after-sun lotion with you. And bear in mind you can burn even when it’s cloudy.