Fair Trade and Ethical Wedding Ideas

Fair Trade and Ethical Wedding Ideas

Weddings are often a great expense, but generally speaking, people only consider the expense to themselves. Nevertheless, the expense to the community and environment can also be significant.

Weddings are a time when families and friends come together, but people are now located all over the globe. Air miles and long car journeys, as well as being frustrating, are also big players in the climate change crisis. When you send out invites, encourage your guests to use public transport where possible. Alternatively, try to set up a car or taxi sharing option for people travelling from similar areas or who can pick others up on their way. Setting up carpooling can be a big job when you already have a lot on, but this could easily be passed over to a bridesmaid or the best man.

Wedding dresses are generally only worn once, which means they stay in pretty good condition. Second hand wedding dresses can be found for a fraction of the original price. Using previously used wedding resources even extends to items such as flowers. Sometimes you can contact the person who was wed the day before you in the same venue and see if they can leave their flowers for you.

For couples who have everything they already need for the home, it has become increasingly popular to ask guests to donate to charity rather than purchase a gift. You can send out your choices of preferred charity with your wedding invites and guests will love the simplicity and selflessness of making a donation.

Using fair trade items as wedding favours, such as sweets or chocolates, is a great way to treat your guests whilst showing you care. Wedding cakes are also now available containing fair trade ingredients to suit ethically minded brides- and grooms-to-be.