Yoga Mat Bag Designed Like A Duffel

The Yoga Mat Bag Designed Like A Duffel

One way people can stay fit and limber is by practising yoga movements. The various positions are designed to stretch the joints, muscles and tendons inside the body. While these movements can be performed on any type of ground surface, most people prefer using a mat. The mat has a rubber back for stability and a soft top for comfort. This type of material makes the mat floppy and often awkward to carry. An easier way to carry a mat is with a yoga mat bag. This is a tote designed specifically for use with rolled yoga mats.

The basic duffel design comes in an elongated style to accommodate the longer length of these mats. Like the classic duffel, this bag includes a wide shoulder strap, which can be adjusted to fit the person uses it. This bag is available in small and large sizes and comes in an array of colours, including red, purple, pink and various shades of blue. The natural cotton bags are also eco-friendly because they are made of renewable resources. Some styles are even made from recycled fibres to help reduce the amount of waste or refuse on the planet.

The yoga mat bag can come with different features including side holes designed as vents. The fabric can also come in assorted prints including striped designs or with earth friendly images. Variations on the classic duffel design include the shoulder sack style with a solid piece of fabric designed as a shoulder sling. Other variations can include bags made of leather with two strap handles for carrying. There are also traditional style square tote bags created with additional straps placed on the bottom to hold a rolled mat. This type of tote allows the user to carry other items inside the main bag compartment, while still being able to store their mat.