Celtic Jewellery – As Popular Now as Ever

Celtic Jewellery – As Popular Now as Ever

Whenever you are looking for jewellery that has an interesting history, try Celtic Jewellery. Some styles continue to come back, even centuries later, because they are easily adaptable.

Bracelets, rings, and necklaces designed by the Celts centuries ago, can now be found with a contemporary look. The rest of this article will be concerned with the many types of Celtic jewellery that people are choosing to wear.

Many rings that you see today that are Celtic in design will have the famous Celtic knot which originated from Ireland. The representation expressed with the Celtic knot is that of time unending. Often used in conjunction with a wedding ritual, this Celtic ring is typically exchanged between those that are getting married. Those that wear the Celtic knot may do so for various reasons of their own. This is a very old symbol, and you can find examples of it dating back at least as far as the 8th Century in the famous Book of Kells. Celtic knots can be found in jewellery that's quite inexpensive, as well as in higher priced gold or silver jewellery. You may have not heard of the triskele, but this is a very old Celtic spiral design that's used in many jewellery pieces.

This symbol makes for very distinctive jewellery, and wearing one as a necklace can make a nice impression. As symbols are difficult to adequately describe, if you're not familiar with the triskele, do a search online and look at some images. In keeping with the Celtic fascination with symbols of infinity, such as the Celtic knot, the triskele expresses this idea of a never-ending line. This is a symbol that dates back to distant antiquity in Europe, to the pre-Celtic period. Yet it's been thoroughly assimilated into Celtic symbolism over the years. If you're drawn to tribal or mystical designs in your jewellery, this would be perfect for you.

Bracelets are a type of jewellery that can be one of the best ways to show off Celtic designs. Many Celtic designs, such as knots, are ideal as a bracelet, so it appears that the knot work is encircling your arm or wrist. You can also find many bracelets using patterns such as serpents, birds and flowers done in the Celtic style. Celtic bracelets are often made of silver, though you can find them in any type of metal you may prefer. So if you want to adorn your wrist with a traditional Celtic symbol, why not get a bracelet in this style?

Celtic jewellery can be a way to wear your heritage on your body, though you can enjoy this type of jewellery no matter what your background. You can find that ideal Celtic style ring, necklace or brooch if you search for it. Of course, that also means you should do some shopping around to make sure you're dealing with a reputable seller. Aside from looking at jewellery, you can also get inspired by researching Celtic symbols and artwork, which is the inspiration behind much of the jewellery.