Getting Creative with Leather Coats for a Big Fashion Splash

Getting Creative with Leather Coats

Getting Creative with Leather Coats for a Big Fashion Splash

A leather coat is for life, right? It can be if you want it to be. You can treat yourself to a gorgeous leather classic that’ll be a wardrobe staple for a lifetime, thick and luxurious, beautifully made to last and last. But you can also track down the bargain of the century and take it right over the top for this season’s hottest fashion looks… and it won’t cost you a fortune.

As usual it’s the lovely Gok Wan who’s trailblazing on behalf of cash-strapped Brits, dedicated to helping us create fashion show-stoppers for next to nothing. With his help thousands of us are settling down to pep up our wardrobes for a fun and funky autumn and winter 2011-2012. So take a leaf out of his book and make a start with a cheap leather coat. Shopping online is the fastest and most efficient way to find low cost leather wear, so you don’t even have to leave your armchair. There’s a vast choice of styles and colours at remarkably keen prices.

Now you’ve got your basic leather coat, you’re ready to take it in a new direction. First, fur. Fake fur is cheap and fun. Real fur collars from second hand shop or boot fair coats look stunning stapled or glued to an ordinary black leather coat.

Steam Punk is always fun and it’s easy to create a classic leather coat a la Mad Max using cheap lengths of chain, sold by the metre at most DIY stores and coming in gold, silver, shiny and matt, coated and copper finishes. Spend time hunting for found objects like old brooches, cogs and wheels from clocks and watches, mother of pearl buttons and strips of leather.

Mosey off and create leather coats that cowboys would be proud of, creating your own leather or suede fringes by cutting strips from an old leather jacket or buying suede from a craft shop. Replace the buttons with something more interesting, either vintage buttons or scarlet velvet ribbon ties. Decorate your leather coat with Tulip or Pebeo craft paints, both of which stick fast through thick and thin and are brilliant for artistic types to draw with. Or paint the back of your coat using waterproof paints like oils or craft paint; reproduce your favourite album or magazine cover, celebrity portrait, abstract pattern or just hurl gloss paint at it to create Jackson Pollock-like splashes. Distress it using sandpaper. Draw on it with spirit-based felt pens, amazingly effective, permanent and rain proof. The world is your creative oyster this season!