Leave Foxes stumped and disappointed with Predator proof Rabbit Hutches and Runs!

Leave Foxes stumped and disappointed with Predator proof Rabbit Hutches and Runs!

Leave Foxes stumped and disappointed with Predator proof Rabbit Hutches and Runs!

If you happen to have a pet rabbit then you'll understand the necessity of exercise for them. Within their cages rabbits do not have much space to move about in let alone space to exercise in. If rabbits are left purely in their cages the long term effects are that they will lose their strength, and are much more prone to disease and illness. Some people choose to let their rabbit run around in their house and exercise that way, however this is not the most practical solution, you don't want your rabbit getting into unsafe places and also, through no fault of their own, rabbits are not always the best when interacting with your house pets, should you have any. Your solution is predator proof rabbit hutches and runs.

The run part of Rabbit Hutches and Runs is a covered element designed specifically for use outside. These are characterised by having only walls and a roof, as it has no floor. The floor is provided by nature itself. The ground is a natural floor for rabbits to use for their exercise and general fun. They are well equipped to keep rabbits inside but what about making sure that the predators stay on the outside? This is where predator proof Rabbit Hutches and Runs are essential.

Rabbits unfortunately do have predators, the main one being the fox. Foxes are a nimble species and as such, being a rabbit owner, you will want to ensure your rabbits have protection from these dangerous predators. Predator Proof Rabbit Hutches and Runs are built specifically with the intention of keeping out the rabbits many predators, and particularly to be able to take on the strength of the ever persistent fox, and most importantly to keep your Rabbit safe from harm. These particular Rabbit Hutches and Runs are made heavier and employ a stronger mesh so that they can keep the foxes from being able to chew the open holes or lift up the sides and use the open bottom to their own advantage.

Within a rabbit run you can often have space for more than just one rabbit, which is especially worth considering if you do happen to keep many rabbits. Rabbits, despite their reactions to other animals are actually known to be rather social beings within their own species. It may seem obvious, but something that you do need to be aware of is putting rabbits of each gender in the same run. Rabbits have a bit of a reputation, and it is not unfounded! You may have a veritable army of rabbits on your hand if you're not careful! Just ensure gender exclusivity within your runs and you'll have nothing to worry about.

Rabbit Runs can be rather cumbersome, and given their unique design are intended for use outside. They are not, however, intended to be treated as a shelter for rabbits in the long-term, as, although they protect against predators, they obviously have very little protection against the elements. Runs are intended for play time use for the rabbits and as such are often made with the capability of being unassembled for ease of storage. For housing your Rabbits in the long term you will need hutches or cages.

Cages, whilst the smallest and easiest to construct, have all sides open and thus can cause your rabbit(s) to feel the chill most of the time. Cages are a more beneficial housing item for your rabbit if you intend to have the rabbits housed indoors. Cages, due to their size are also intended best for use with only one rabbit.

For those of you reading this article, it may be most beneficial for you to buy or have bought a Hutch. A hutch has one or two open sides allowing for ventilation, thus it is ideal for outside use. Most of the best hutches feature an enclosed area so that your rabbit can retreat away when it wants to whether it is to avoid the heat, the light, or just for the hell of it! If your rabbit needs to be outside for whatever reason, or is a particularly large rabbit, or even if you have a few rabbits then, a hutch is your best option.