Lighting for a Peaceful Night, for Your Child and for You

Lighting for a Peaceful Night

Lighting for a Peaceful Night, for Your Child and for You

Everybody knows that young children have very vivid imaginations. Heightened perception of colours, contrasts and characters mean they see everyday pictures and objects in a completely different way to adults.

A shadow on the wall cast innocently by an inanimate object could take on the shape of a cackling face or a gratuitously evil being. A sleepless night for your child is highly likely to result in something resembling the same for your good self.

Children take comfort in familiarity. A friendly face that they can identify with, whether real or fictional, can be a considerable great source of reassurance. When their favourite cartoon character adorns their wallpaper, their duvet or their dressing gown thoughts of scary monsters and demons are substantially less likely to trouble them.

So it is unsurprising that in the field of lighting a lot of thought has gone into producing some quite imaginative pieces with impressions from football to flowers, from farm animals to robots.

This delightful aeroplane pendant light is a particularly fine example of the kind of innovative home lighting that is available for parents to enable them to pacify and to delight their little ones and thereby to aid their restful sleep.

Of course stark colours and shapes are not the sole preserve of the younger ones around the house, as this bold and assertive ceiling lighting clearly demonstrates. These strong tints add some distinct and interesting colour to your living room, kitchen or lounge and indeed to your home.

Finally, the dining room is a place where the proud home maker really can make a statement to their guests or visitors. In place of blandness some truly grand pendant light designs are available that will leave your friends and dinner guests in awe. These multiple hanging lights must surely be the last word in home lighting, hanging audaciously as they do above the dinner table as you serve and pour for the benefit of your guests who could not help but be impressed.

Lighting by its nature defines your home, and segregates the unique and distinct character of each individual room. It is well worth taking some time out to consider all the designs and how they might look on your own ceilings, tables and walls.