Now it’s a Great Time to Invest in the Best Appliances for Less

Now It's The Right Time to Invest in Best Appliances

Now it’s a Great Time to Invest in the Best Appliances for Less

Aga and Rayburn are probably the best known range manufacturers in Britain. Most of us have heard of Miele, Siemens and Bosch. But what about firms like Liebherr, Maytag and Mercury, Gaggenau, Westin and Woolf? Today, in part owing to the internet and consequent ecommerce revolution, there’s a vast choice of kitchen appliances available, from all over the world. It’s a consumer-centric heaven of excellent brands from right across the planet. And prices at the moment are incredibly keen.

Take Liebherr. They make absolutely stunning large capacity fridges and freezers, everything from integrated models to frost free and super-silent appliances that make life easier and more pleasant for ordinary people. Because they’re also expert in things like commercial refrigeration, port equipment, mobile cranes, mining and aerospace equipment, you can be sure your Liebherr fridge freezer will do exactly what it says on the tin.

Maytag is a huge US firm founded back in 1893. You might recognise their name from launderettes, for whom they make specialist commercial washers and driers, great-looking 1950s style beasts. But they also design and manufacture state of the art dishwashers, washing machines and driers, cooktops, fridges and ranges. With dependability at the heart of everything they do, you’ll love their sturdy, reliable functionality and sleek Maytag good looks.

Then there’s Mercury, manufacturer of stylish splash backs, hoods, dual fuel range cookers and induction range cookers. Best of all they love colour and you’ll find their products in regulation black, blueberry, liquorice, oyster, purple, purple haze, show drop, truffle and, of course, beautiful stainless steel. Mercury is a trading name of Aga Rangemaster Ltd so you can expect the same British-made quality and eye for detail as you get with Agas and Rayburns. As well as striking design in your kitchen.

Things are changing slowly, industry is becoming greener and almost all new appliances are designed with a strong focus on energy efficiency. So buying new means you can take advantage of cutting edge fuel efficiency technologies, sophisticated remote control software and flexible options for fuel types.

All of which means there’s every opportunity to tailor your kitchen appliances to your décor, lifestyle, budget and outlook on life, whether you’re committed to green living or dedicated to creating a beautiful home to a budget, into saving energy and cash or ready to lay out money on sheer luxury. It’s a genuine buyer’s market, a great time to invest in the best for less.