Dare your Taste Buds to Test Drive Chocs with a Difference this Christmas!

Dare your Taste Buds to Test Drive Chocs with a Difference

Dare your Taste Buds to Test Drive Chocs with a Difference this Christmas!

You won’t find chocolate described as ‘daring, wild and free’ very often. But it’s the perfect descriptor for Zotter’s collection of unusual and totally delicious chocolate, an ideal Christmas gift or stocking filler for people who live and breathe everyone’s favourite sweet stuff! So what’s the story?

Josef Zotter is the Willy Wonka of our time. And his delicious chocolate bars are unique. Not only do they taste absolutely delicious. They’re beautifully wrapped, including truly fascinating information about the ingredients and the people who produce them. And the packaging is environmentally friendly, made from CO2-neutral card and organic, 100% bio-degradable plastic.

Zotter chocolate bars are certified organic and Fair Trade. And they’re a genuine taste sensation. So much so that Josef Zotter himself recommends you don’t wolf your chocolate down, however tempting it might be. It deserves savouring. When you let a Zotter bar melt on your tongue, you experience the art of fine chocolate at its very best.

Try Hot Stuff, a fantastic peppered strawberry chocolate Mini-Mitzi bar that’s intense, fierce and unforgettable with 66% minimum cocoa. There’s the Hemp plantation nougat mini disk set in dark milk chocolate with caramelised hemp seeds for a curiously addictive added kick. There’s wonderful Christmas treats like Zotter’s hand made chocolate bar with layers of juicy, plump raisins marinated in Grappa with roasted almonds and nougat. And there’s the classic Scotch Whiskey Highland Harvest bar, a masterpiece of a hand-made chocolate bar containing layers of superbly bitter, rich chocolate laced with more than 2% fine Scotch Whisky.

Go for an intensely delicious mint Labooko bar, two bars of complimentary mint chocolate: one dark and one milk. Fall head over heels with the sumptuous Thank You Mitzi Blue Chocolate Bar, a feast of milk chocolate liberally laced with rich cashew nut pieces. Pledge your undying devotion to the unforgettable Butter Caramel hand-scooped bar with delicate layers of finest caramel, soft nougat and crispy cracknel, all generously coated with quality milk chocolate. Lose your heart to the superb Candied Ginger hand-scooped chocolate bar, crafted carefully from dark chocolate mousse and sweet, fragrant candied ginger pieces. Or treat the love of your life to Zotter’s famous raspberry chocolate ‘nipples’, carefully set in a smooth crème chocolate and sprinkled with rose petals. Wow!

There’s a vast range of Zotter chocolate treats awaiting you this year, each a mini-masterpiece of flavour, beautifully wrapped and packaged for the ideal ethical Christmas gift.