How to Reduce Electricity Bills Significantly by Using Homemade 3D Solar Panel

How to Reduce Electricity Bills Significantly by Using Homemade 3D Solar Panel

How to Reduce Electricity Bills Significantly by Using Homemade 3D Solar Panel

If you are concern to our future environment or want to search any cheap solution to decrease your expensive electric bills, you may already heard about using solar panel to generate electricity for your homes. In facts, conventional solar panel that are available in the market nowadays only produces small amount of electricity that only reduce a small amount of your electric bill. In this article we are not talking about using old 2d solar panel that will only save you 1 or 2 bucks a month with more than $1000 investment, but what we will cover is how you can save and lower electric bill to nearly zero a month with just around $100 investment by using 3d solar panel!

Difference Between 2D solar panel and 3D solar panel

Before we continue on how you can reduce your electricity bills up to 0$ per month, firstly you should know what is the difference between 2d solar panel - the solar panel that you can get and buy anywhere and 3d solar panel - the solar panel that can generate 2000% more electricity than regular 2d solar panel and will save your bank account.

Solar panel or Photovoltaics panels is a panel that attached to the roof of a building or homes with fixed mount. In northern hemisphere, the panel are optimized to face south and tilted to an angle to get the most electricity production.

Unfortunately, this kind of fixed mount only optimized for certain time of the day, and may loss a great number of potential solar energy in any other time such as in the morning of afternoon because photovoltaics panels produce best solar energy when the sunlight hits the panel exactly perpendicular to the panel itself.

In a big, modern solar farms, tracking motors or robotic sensors are used to adjusting the panel flexible mount so they always face the sun directly. Building this kind automatic mounting system can cost you a lot and really not efficient for smaller scale such as building or homes. Also this kind of automatic solar panel can add a much more complexity to make it difficult and costly to maintain.

In those cases it's often more cost-effective to simply buy more solar panel. But off course doing that you will need another cost because you need a larger footprint, it means more land or spaces needed to put 2d solar panel. The problem is the land cost is not cheap, especially when you life in the middle of the city where land price are extremely high.

Some researchers at MIT are wondering why solar panel designers and producers insist on thinking in only two dimensional. Using 3d arrangement, the reflected sunlight reaches the panels that are angled downwards. The downward facing panels also grab sunlight when the sun is lower in the sky, such as early morning, late afternoon, and in the winter.

The 3d solar panel then built by them and field testing shown that using this 3d method can generate 200% to 2000% more electricity than regular 2d solar panel using same panel size!

Although this 3d method has been proven, unfortunately for some reason (including political one-maybe) there is no solar panel manufacturer produce and sell this 3d solar panel system.

So, Where Can I Buy 3d Solar Panel?

As we said before, there is no solar panel producer and manufacturer that interesting to build and sell this kind of solar panel, although it has been proven by the researchers of MIT.

Fortunately, someone from DIY 3d solar panel website has built his own 3d solar panel and make comparison with traditional 2d solar panel, here is the results :

one 2d solar panel occupying an area of 2.6 feet by 4 feet generating a total of 80 watts. an array of 3d solar panels occupying the same space is generating an astonishing 10000 watts.

Remember this test only using small solar panel that only use 2.6 feet by 4 feet spaces, double or triple that and you will get enough electricity to power literally half your entire house including your washing machine, fridge, computer and your light bulb. If you got enough spaces to put 10 3d solar panel, than you got more than enough electricity to power all your entire house, and maybe you can even share some with your neighbor.

Back to the question, so how can i get 3d solar panel to help me reduce electricity bills? You can built it yourself, it's not only easy - even a teenager without any particular skills can create this homemade 3d solar panel, but also cheap - you only need around 100$ of investment to create your own 3d solar panel that can help you create your own electricity or even get off the grid so you doesn't need to worry anymore about electricity bills.

Here is the complete tutorial that can help you through all the detailed process to create cheap 3d solar panel. You can download and watch the video and ebook Here.

Some lessons that are available inside this video and ebook guide including :

  • - How you can power up any household appliance including lamp, television, refrigerators and even air conditioning system.
  • - How you can build 3d solar panel in under an hour, also the valuable secret to get solar cells 4 times cheaper that no one has reveal before.
  • - Detailed tutorial and blueprints, including photos, step by step instructions that are easy to follow even if you doesn't have any experience before.
  • - How you can decrease your electric bills instantly by using homemade solar cell.
  • - Create a light, robust and portable 3d solar panel that you can bring literally anywhere and use it as an emergency generators.
  • - Create 3d solar panel in modular fashion to makes it very easy to replace any part in the future.

There are tons of review of successful user that had proved that this video lesson is worked and help them saving their money from expensive electric bills. You can read all the review here.

How Much Cost Needed to Built 3d Solar Panel

Usually, around 200$-300$ needed to built one 3d solar panel system. But in his video and ebook, the diy 3d solar panel website owner will teach us how to built 3d solar panel efficiently so it would only cost around 100$ even less than that with the same results!

Let's do a simple math, with 100$ investment, and you can cut your electricity bills by 30-40$ / month, your investment will be break even in just 3 months. When your investment already paid off, you can start creating another 3d solar panel and in the end you can finally get 0$ electricity bills and off the grid if you want to.