The Possibilities of Bespoke Furniture

The Possibilities of Bespoke Furniture

In the world of tailoring, bespoke design is about fitting and style and that's just as true in the world of furniture design, although there is even more to it. The scope of fitting is so much more, as furniture's size constraints come not only from the people who will use it, but the room or space its in.

Bespoke furniture can bring items and ideas from one setting and make them belong in another, or can introduce entirely new ideas into something. This can be as simple as using a material in a task that you might not associate it with, or adapting a type of furniture for a role you might not associate it with.

Cloths and fabrics as well as woods easily lend themselves to being used outside of their classic uses, in part as they tend to be easy to work and cut to new shapes and sizes. Wood is readily used in many pieces of furniture around the home, but in the bathroom, for the more specific bathroom items such as a wooden sink and baths, it's less commonly used. Cloth is often used as a covering, or a visual barrier, but stretched taut it can also be used to create lightweight shelves for lighter items.

Bespoke items needn't stop at the furniture and fittings of a room, as decorations and other items are possible too. Here again, unusual materials, or items that are associated with other uses, can provide inspiration. For example, the humble hammock's concept can be adapted to provide a wide range of different seating and lying arrangements.

Bespoke furniture can also offer solutions to furniture problems. Children's furniture rarely comes in the same styles as adult's furniture and while this is often fine, some may want to make children feel like they are more included by having children's furniture that ties in with the adult's.

Bespoke furniture can also provide those fitted items that may have been removed from a house or no longer be commonly fitted. Window seats for bay or other alcove windows are rarer these days, but offer a pleasant way to sit in the sun and read, in a way that merely putting a chair there cannot capture. As people become more interested in restoring, rather than modernising, homes, bespoke furniture is becoming more popular.

Fancy a taste of another part of the world or culture? Why not transform a space to bring that feeling into your room, home or area? This can be done by either going for the full exotic experience, or just a taste, subtly incorporated to give just a hint of that style.

Bespoke furniture can breathe life into a space whether old or new and really offer the opportunity to have the room just as you want it to be. A designer can be used to tap your own imagination and make it a reality, or to provide ideas to help stimulate yours. The possibilities described here are only the beginning and there are more great designs out there than people, just waiting to be realized in rooms and homes.