Recycled Milagros Glass Makes a Big Interior Decor Splash

Recycled Milagros Glass Makes a Big Interior Decor Splash

Recycled Milagros Glass Makes a Big Interior Decor Splash

Glass is one of the world’s most beautiful, flexible and durable materials. It’s used in industrial and domestic settings, to create art and functional objects. Think Italian Murano glass and the Maltese design darling of the ‘70s, Mdina glass. Today recycled glass is a hot interior décor item that’s increasing exponentially in popularity in line with environmental awareness. And recycled Milagros glass is a hugely popular option with ethical shoppers across the board. Especially their jewel-like wine glasses and tumblers.

There’s a choice of recycled tumblers and wine glasses in the most beautiful colours. Subtle yet rich and deep, they glow against a white kitchen wall - far too lovely to hide away in a cupboard. Because they’re glass the amethyst colourway glows with a subtle inner light, not unlike fresh summer berries. The green versions are fresh and woody. The turquoise options the same colour as a warm, clear tropical island sea. And the clear recycled glass they create has enormous character, chunky and rugged and wonderfully thick.

Milagros recycled glasses are handmade in a family-run workshop in Mexico. Every glass is handmade, shaped by eye using traditional methods that go back a thousand years, so they’re all completely unique. And they’re chunky enough for everyday use, even suitable for kids.

What about care? Handmade glass is never totally dishwasher proof. But it is tough stuff and should stand dishwasher washing. Just bear in mind that over time, washing any kind of glass in a dishwasher will eventually make the surface slightly dull.

What about Milagros’ environmental and ethical credentials? Their glassware is made from Pepsi Cola bottles and other discarded glass which is melted down, coloured and then hand-blown. If anyone tries to tell you recycled glass takes more energy to create than it saves, don’t listen - it’s an old wives tale. In actual fact recycling two glass bottles saves the same energy as boiling an impressive five cups of water. Good news when you take into account that a massive 2.4 million tonnes of glass ends up dumped and wasted in landfill sites every year. It takes an awful lot of energy to make 6 million cups of tea!

Buy a multi-coloured set or stick to one colour. Either way you’ll give your kitchen a real creative and visual lift.

All in all Milagros recycled glasses hit the ethical mark as well as making a strong interior design statement; an admirable achievement in a world where demand for genuine ethical goods is increasing fast and design standard are equally high.