Installing a Block Driveway

Installing a Block Driveway

When you install a block driveway, the preparation of the ground is very important. For a great driveway, choose block paving. They are similar to cobblestones, but modernized. Block paving can change your scruffy old path or driveway into a durable, practical, focal point for your yard. This involves more than just dumping down blocks and leaving them there. Whether the area is receiving block or concrete paving slabs, appropriate preparation is crucial.

What if you don't do it right? After a while, your new driveway may begin to shift because of the weight of your vehicle. The pattern will fall askew, and the blocks may begin to crack and break. Weeds rapidly germinate, however, and can impact your driveway's implementation. If the foundation is not sufficiently solid, the blocks may crack and break. It will last for a much shorter period of time.

Bad paving work can be hazardous. In this litigious society, any accidents that your drive or path causes can leave you open to be sued. Even though your homeowner's policy probably covers liability, they don't guarantee they will accept your claim or pay your court costs. If you are installing a block paving drive or path for another person and it turns out lumpy, that person may fall and be injured. Then you would have lots of questions to answer!

If you are thinking about installing your own driveway paving to cut costs, do the math. Be aware that it almost always takes longer for an amateur to complete a project than a professional, so factor this into your time estimates. Calculate your worth in hours, not forgetting to pay yourself for the time you put in studying the experts as well as costing out the necessary supplies. Look at the cost of materials, deliveries and getting rid of trash. Then figure out what your expenses are compared to hiring someone.

Consider your health as well. You really need to be in excellent shape to do block paving work. If you get hurt, it's probably going to cost you.

It is best to used someone experienced in paving since the ground preparation is vitally important. You need someone who has block laying experience, a builder's discount, knowledge, skills and abilities in choosing materials, and a big truck to haul the materials.