Top 5 Bass Guitar Players

Top 5 Bass Guitar Players

Though, it’s the lead singer who gets the girls and the main guitarist that people are usually in awe of. However, the bass guitar and the bass guitarist is equally if not more important than the other two. That big lumbering four string guitar is a major part of the sound and the rhythm of the group. So, who are the top five bass guitar players of all time?

John Entwistle

The Who bass guitar player John Entwistle was known as both Ox and Thunderfingers and is renowned as one if the greatest bassist of all time. He was trained to play the French horn and piano before deciding on the Bass guitar. His ability to create a heavy sound came to the fore in his solo in The Who hit ‘My Generation’. In fact, it may be the most famous bass solo in rock music. He passed on in 2002 and it must be said dealt a blow to the sound of The Who.


The Red Hot Chilli Peppers may be the biggest band of the last 25 years or so. Flea could certainly be considered a major part of this and has taken much of his inspiration from early 1980s bass slap guitarists. In recent years there is more melody in his playing, but he still likes to funk it up with his bass guitar.

Paul McCartney

Though we often forget about McCartney’s position as the bass guitar player in The Beatles and focus on his song writing, he was a great player. His role as a player was flawless, even though he only began when forced to do so after Stuart Sutcliffe left the group. He could also step into other positions and managed to show his musical brilliance, playing both guitar and drums on Beatles tracks. This happened most notably upon Ringo Starr quitting in 1968 before the White Album, when McCartney dropped the bass to play drums.

John Paul Jones

Before he joined Led Zeppelin, John Paul Jones was considered one of the finest bass guitar players in the UK and regularly gigged with Donovan, Cat Stevens and Jeff Beck. In Led Zep with Plant, Paige and Bonham he was an unstoppable force and created one of the greatest bands in history. Jones was the back of the Led Zeppelin and can be heard on most of Led Zep’s thumping sounds. He even recently formed a super group with Foo Fighter Dave Grohl and Queens of the Stone Age front man Josh Homme.


Motorhead front man known for his gruff voice and mutton chops is certainly one to consider. Lemmy began his career after seeing the Beatles in the Cavern Club. From there he played bass for Hawkwind before forming his own band Motorhead. Lemmy’s bass guitar abilities are best witnessed on the bands classic The Ace of Spades. All you need to know is that the band’s mantra is ‘Everything louder than everything else’ and you get the idea of their sound.