Funny Places Where People Fall Asleep

Funny Places People Fall Asleep

No matter how tired we get there are some of us who can only fall asleep in our own beds with complete silence and in total darkness. Then there are those who are the complete opposite and end up falling asleep everywhere they go!

Public Transport

It's almost impossible to travel on public transport these days without seeing someone having a nap. Whether it's a quiet bus or a crowded train at least one of the passengers will be dead to the world.

It's a common sight but when you think about it the concept is pretty strange. Wild animals don't let their guard down when they're surrounded by strangers, so why do we? I mean you could be pick-pocketed or even worse someone might draw on your face! At the very least you're going to miss your stop, so stop doing it.

On the Toilet

Everyone's got a friend that's fallen asleep on the toilet. It usually happens in the early hours of the morning after a night that's involved more drink than an Irish wake. If it happens to you it's embarrassing, but if it happens to a friend it's hilarious and you need to have your camera ready.

The alternative to falling asleep on the toilet is to pass out with your head in the bowl. The additional neck support means it will be more comfortable, but the fact your head is in a toilet means it's a lot less hygienic, so it's swings and roundabouts really.

The Office

Is the office a funny place to fall asleep? Well it's funny for your colleagues, but your boss is unlikely to laugh. Falling asleep at work is actually alarmingly common. If it's happening to you it sounds like you need to start heading to bed earlier, or start looking for a new job.

At The Cinema

The principal of falling asleep in the cinema is so strange, but that doesn't stop us from doing it. You pick a film that you want to watch and pay a lot of money to go and see it. It's then projected in front of you on a screen the size of a football field and accompanied by sound so loud that it can be heard in the neighbouring town. How do we do it?

In A Club

I think it would actually be impossible to fall asleep in a nightclub if you weren't under the influence of alcohol. They're hot, crowded and loud, hardly the ideal conditions for a cheeky nap.

One of my friends once fell asleep next to what turned out to be the biggest speaker in Europe. When he woke up he'd 'lost' his phone and wallet, and to make matters worse someone had drawn a part of the anatomy specific to a male on his face. Anyone would have thought he'd spent the night on a train.