Snow Show Around the World

Everyone Around The World Loves A Snow Show

There are various types of snow shows enjoyed around the world. One thing that they all have in common is how invigorating they are for the whole family.

Depending on the country they are held in, they can be built indoors with artificial snow and ice, or held outside in the real thing. Either way the experience is the same. Nothing is more exhilarating than going to a snow show and racing down a snow slide, throwing snowballs or building snowmen. Often at winter carnivals, there is also ice sculpting. Nothing is more exciting to children and adults than seeing a larger than life ice creation.

If the snow show is held in a country with lots of snow, such as Canada, guests can count on playing with the real thing. However, even if the show is held indoors, it’s almost impossible to tell the difference. Although the snow is artificial at some snow shows, professional artisans make it come to life by creating different styles and themes. They can also incorporate local elements like regional celebrities and famous landmarks.

The snow itself at an indoor snow show is prepared hourly to ensure the quality and enjoyment for guests. As well, it is climate controlled so it feels fresh. The enjoyment people get from snow shows is second to none, particularly if they live in a hot country and never get to see or feel snow close up. Although people who deal with snow for most of the year tend to have a love hate relationship with it, they can’t wait to go to a snow festival either.

Every year there is several snow shows held around the world. They include a variety of winter activities, and carving ice sculptures is often one of them.

Canadian Snow Days at Banff National Park

One of Canada’s many snow shows is their annual month-long festival held in Banff, Alberta. During this action packed month, visitors enjoy fun-filled activities that include, skiing, snowboarding and ball hockey. Every year they also have an International Ice Carving Competition Weekend. This is where professional ice sculptors from around the world compete to build one-of-a-kind ice sculptures, out of ice taken directly from the shores of Lake Louise.

Dubai Snow Show

Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, a country known for high temperatures year round, has the largest snow park in the world. It’s so breath-taking and magical that thousands of visitors go there every year. While they’re there, guests enjoy tonnes of winter fun. Some of which include tobogganing and throwing snowballs. It’s always surprising to find a snow show in such a climate as this.

Snow Show in Sapporo Japan

Japan’s snow festival is held annually for one week in February, and is one of the country’s most popular events. Their snow show is famous for its extravagant large and small ice sculptures. The larger ones measure over 15 meters high and 25 meters wide, and are kept lit during the day. Along with the hundreds of smaller statues, the Japanese snow show also includes numerous events and concerts that include many of the sculptures as the stage.

Ice sculpting artisans spend hours, or days, and sometimes even weeks to create these mesmerizing works of art exhibited at snow shows. It’s actually more like a performance because they take a plain, boring block of ice and turn it into an artistic wonder. Although it seems magical, sculpting ice for a snow show takes a lot of work. Ice is a very changeable and volatile medium to work with. Only people who can master both the artistic and scientific aspects of ice, while respecting it at the same time, can carry it through its transformation. Once the artificial ice is created, snow sculptors have to use different tools to work with it. At the beginning stage, a large hoist is often needed to move it around. Later, a chainsaw is generally used to rough out the ice form. After this is complete, artists use irons and chisels to complete their piece of artwork.

Snow shows around the world attract millions of people every year. It doesn't matter where or when they take place; whether it’s indoors or out. They’re always guaranteed to draw crowds in by the masses. People of all ages, but especially children love snow and the beauty of ice sculptures.