Who is Classed as a Lone Worker?

Who is Classed as a Lone Worker?

A lone worker is essentially someone who works on their own; a sole trader working from home, in a rented office or industrial premises, or someone whose work takes them out into the world alone. In today’s tough economy small businesses are very important. Thousands of us start new small businesses every year despite everything and a good percentage of them thrives. Our lone workers are an important cog in Britain’s economic wheel. And there’s more of them than ever.

All of which explains why lone worker safety is a growing issue. Some work in places where security could potentially be an issue, especially given the recent riots and looting in UK city centres and suburbs. There are any number of common sense things to do to protect yourself. But there’s also a growing range of useful products to help you do it safely and effectively, whether you need extra home security or a personal alarm system.

If your work takes you to dangerous places on your own it’s important to look after your interests.

The lone worker buddy system is just one of a growing number of lone worker security initiatives taking the sole trader market by storm. Services like mysafety.net are designed to share risk data and provide an automated buddy system / community. They even deliver email alerts about dynamic risks when you’re out and about.

Lone worker alarms are popular too. Take the ground breaking Identicom lone worker alarm, a cool mobile communications device that looks exactly like an identity card holder so it’s easy to wear and discreet. Perfect if you regularly find yourself in situations where you could face danger alone.

You might feel perfectly safe and comfortable whatever the situation, able to handle everything your lone working life throws at you. Or you might prefer to take sensible measures to keep you safe. At the end of the day it comes down to your personal perception of risk. But if you want it, the equipment and technology you need is out there.

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